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How Rolodexter Works

Your Relationship Concierge

Rolodexter helps you stay better connected with the most important people in your life, by providing the convenience, competence, and creativity of both a virtual assistant and personal concierge.

Your Valet

Like any good assistant, Rolodexter is intimately aware of your daily routine and the way you like to communicate – leaving you free to focus on your day.

Your Agent

Spend less time on the mundane tasks of deciding who to contact, and when - and more time nurturing meaningful relationships.

Your Ultimate Reminder

Rolodexter will determine when to remind you to reach out to someone based on your schedule, availability, and that of your contacts.

Rolodexter App

Know Who’s Available

With one glance at the Agent, see who’s available right now to contact. Or, let Rolodexter find those moments of serendipity throughout your week.

All Your Contacts in One Place

Adding your favorite people to Rolodexter is simple and quick. With a few taps, you can decide how often you’d like to touch base.

Relationship History

Recall past communications with anyone before connecting, and add special notes or reminders for the next time you talk.

Privacy is a Priority

At Rolodexter, your information is never for sale. The privacy and security of your data are our first and most important priority. Always.

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